VIDEO: What She Caught Her Little Girl Doing With The Dog Absolutley Floored Her!

There is a special bond that forms between both pets and children, especially younger children, as they age and grow. Not only is it like a walking stuffed animal, but the curious nature of the dog makes it always the perfect companion for a child.

Due to this a child is often going to try to do things with a pet, such as a dog, that the dog may not naturally be able to do, but out of the curiosity from the pet and the nature of a child, it truly makes for both the perfect combination and something rather unique and original.

This toddler loves the hula hoop. It is rather evident with her remarkable skill maintaining the hula hoop already. Most adults are not even able to maintain the hoop up off the ground for as long as she did. However, she wants to share her skills with those around her in order to have them hula hoop right along with her. So, because of this, she decided to teach her furry friend, the dog.

The little girl picked up the hula hook and slid it over the head of the dog, instructing the dog on what to do. Naturally, the dog really had no intentions on listening to her and walked right through it, but still hung around to see what the little girl would do next. She demonstrated just how to hula hoop, then asked the dog if he thought he could do the same thing as well.

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