VIDEO: What He Has Hiding Under His Shirt. Had Ellen DeGeneres Begging For Him To Come On Her Show

There are individuals who decide to take drastic steps to change their lives. John David Glaude was watching television on his couch one day when he decided to take the brave steps to change his life. A spark went off inside him, and from that moment on he made the decision that he would be in control of his weight.

It took two years, but John David Glaude lost 160 pounds, which was accomplished through determination and hard work. His physical appearance had been transformed from an overweight individual to a healthy, physical fit person. He posted a video about his weight loss that went viral. However, he did face some aesthetic disadvantages on the path to his physical transformation.

The famous Ellen DeGeneres saw the video and made note of the loose skin that was left as a result of the weight loss when he lifted his shirt. There are some individuals who would be ashamed and hide their loose skin behind clothing, but John David Glaude is confident and shows pride in his new appearance. Ellen invited him to be a guest on her show to discuss his physical appearance and he accepted.

John David Glaude discussed with Ellen the struggles he encountered in his life before he lost weight, and he told her about the moment when he decided to change his lifestyle and work toward achieving a healthy weight.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are nearly one-third of Americans in the United States who are obese, which causes an array of dangerous health problems. John David Glaude decided to lead a healthy life, which is inspiring.

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