VIDEO: What Happened Seconds After This Picture, Had This Couple Near Death

Almost everyone loves a great day at the beach. Relaxing and playing at the water’s edge usually provides a day filled with fun, food and great relaxation. In most cases, the worst thing that happens at the beach is that somebody gets a little too much sun and they end up with sunburn that last for a few days after the beach trip.

Certainly, there are many things that can be enjoyed at beach including, playing beach games and basking in the water and sun. for many beach goers, another one of the things that is often enjoyed while taking in a great day at the beach is taking plenty of photos and selfies to help treasure the memories of the day.

Well on occasion, there are times in life when things don’t go as planned. In fact, sometimes they stray way off from the planned day at the beach. Such was the case the other day when a couple that was literally jolted out of their special day of fun.

While this young couple was enjoying a great day at the beach and taking selfies, a momentary flash and crash changed everything. Suddenly, their fun plans became a bit of a nightmare when a lightning bolt struck right behind them sending them into shock and fear. The question whether anyone suffered any injuries is yet unknown.

But it is certain the events of the day changed this young couples plan of a fun filled peaceful day into a close call with death.

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