VIDEO: We All Thought This Was A Normal Wedding Cake Then They Flipped The Switch

Many women have been dreaming of their wedding days since they were young girls. They want the perfect day, where they feel like a princess, and they want everything about the day to be perfect as well. Disney movies are one reason for this rumination about the perfect wedding starting from very young ages in girls. Starting from the very beginning, girls see these movies and want to be like the heroines of these stories, who find their true loves and live happily ever after.

They even extend this Disney fantasy to their weddings, wanting every detail of their weddings to be perfect. One bride managed to make her cake just as amazing as anything that would be seen in a Disney movie. It looks like a normal wedding cake at first glance, but it is shown to be much more than that due to some computer graphic artists who were able to work wonders with projection mapping.

They were actually able to virtually impose the beloved character Tinkerbell onto the cake, and she was scattering her fairy dust all over it as well. The fairy dust was making all sorts of beautiful patterns, and it was creating images of Disney Princesses as well.

At the end, the fairy dust creates beautiful patterns all around the cake and spells out in lovely cursive, “And They Lived Happily Ever After.” This bride actually got the chance to feel like a real Disney Princess with this special cake, which is absolutely amazing.

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