VIDEO: We All Thought He Was Lying, Then He Showed Us This Video Of His Pregnant Wife. WOW!

As moms of all kinds know, one of the most magical parts of pregnancy is being able to feel your soon to be newborn kick and move around inside of you. Imagine if you could catch this amazing moment on camera- because one family in America did.

Nearing the very end of her pregnancy, the husband of the soon to be mommy was eager to capture every moment and document everything. However, he was shocked to discover not how little the movements occurred, but the exact opposite! As his wife was relaxing on the couch, he happened to film her at the same time as the baby inside of her is moving around nonstop!

The movements are seen clear as day, and almost seems as if the little one is saying hello to mom and dad before their arrival!

The video clip is amazing! Uploaded immediately after to YouTube, the dad writes in the description, “Sitting around in a stomach for nine months can be pretty boring. This little guy decides to move around and have some fun”

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