VIDEO: We All Thought He Ran Away From His Own Wedding, Then This Happened. STUNNED!

When you get married or are about to make a full time to commitment to the one that you love, there are just certain things that you have to come to accept about your partner, whether they may or may not be things that you like and have to learn to get accustom to.

It may be that they have to travel during their job every other weekend, or maybe it could be something as simple as since they have a dancing background, there’s a good chance that they’re going to force you into dancing at your wedding, no matter what style and no matter what the circumstances. This exact thing happened to the bride to be when she met her now husband, who had a past career of instructing salsa dance lessons.

Fortunately for her, she’s learned to embrace her now husband’s past career and use it to her advantage to make her wedding night not only memorable for her, but to give the performance of a lifetime and wow their family and friends that have come to celebrate the big day.

Using her husband’s background and her now up and coming dancing skills to their advantage, they had put on a performance of the dance number Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing! At the end of the performance, the song transitions into The Black Eyed Peas’ version The Time (Dirty Bit) remix to get everyone on their feet. The now husband wife duo aimed to entertain, and they didn’t fail!

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