VIDEO: Want To See What Happens When You Smart Off To A Judge? It’s Not Pretty…

When you go to court, it’s usually best to just listen to the judge. They are an authority with the power to sentence you however they want… But one girl decided to give a little attitude to her presiding judge, and it didn’t turn out so well for her.

The old adage “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” could have been useful advice for this cheeky youngster. She was in court because of a drug possession charge. She had no prior offenses, and expected the judge to go easy on her. When she doesn’t like his verdict she decides to give him a little more mouth. A video camera captures the whole interaction.

The judge starts reading her the charges she faces. She’s asked a bunch of questions, to which she laughs atf. Her responses get more and more sarcastic and the judge gets more and more frustrated with her lack of respect. Honestly, she looks like she might be on drugs.

At first the judge gives her a fine, and she says goodbye. But he raises the fine, when she’s flippant before walking away. And she doesn’t even stop there! In the footage you can see the girl flip off His Honor and make a derogatory comment… And the judge throws the book at her!

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