VIDEO: Waitress Gasps In Shock When A Little Girl At Her Table Handed Her THIS

Waitresses sometimes spend a large amount of their day on their feet. They might not get paid a lot of money for the work that they do, but most of them take the time to smile and make sure customers get what they need.

One waitress received a surprise from a little girl that blew her mind and made her thankful for children like her.

The girl wanted to complete a mission in memory of her grandmother. She wanted to do 600 acts of kindness for others because her grandmother was the kind of person who would make sure others had what they needed before she did. The last day of the mission project came, and she volunteered to work at a rescue shelter.

She went out for breakfast and paid for the meal of another person at the restaurant and left a $100 tip for the waitress. Other acts that the little girl did during the project was painting the walls at a local YMCA and paying for the meals of other people she came across when she went out to eat with family.

She made sure she did everything that was on her list, but this is a little girl who will likely continue to show others that someone cares.

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