VIDEO: Ventriloquist Stops, Walks Off Stage. But What Happens Next? The Judges Are Flabergasted

On August 12, America’s Got Talent contestant Paul Zerdin walked on stage at Radio City Music Hall knowing he had to impress if he wanted to make it to the next stage of the competition.

When he starts his act, he immediately starts by saying that he and work partner, Sam, got into a fight before the show and now Sam isn’t talking to him. This might not be a problem normally, except Zerdin is a ventriloquist and having Sam, his puppet, talk is a requirement to show his talent.

Eventually he manages to get Sam to say a few words and they fight some more. This fight proves to be too much for Zerdin, who leaves his puppet on stage to fend for himself. He places Sam on the stool, puts the microphone in front of him, and walks away, leaving the puppet lifeless in front of the judges, the live audience, and the people watching at home.

After a small moment of silence, Sam, seemingly on his own, pops his head up and asks the audience, “Has he gone?” The crowd starts to cheer and laugh. The act, without Zerdin in sight, goes on for about thirty more seconds before Zerdin makes his appearance back on stage, ending the act and getting a well deserved standing ovation from everyone in the audience, including the judges.

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