VIDEO: Unborn Baby Has Unbelievable Response To Mother’s Touch…

There aren’t many moments more satisfying than when a mother sees her child within her own womb. It’s weird. But somehow the prospect of a person growing healthily inside another person is comforting. For both the little human and big human.

She’ll first see her child on a computer monitor. The doctor’s and nurses will measure the baby’s growth, and listen to baby’s heartbeat. It’s incredible to witness. Even better, though, is when baby begins moving…

The mother feels it much earlier than it can be seen, but when it becomes visible it is truly a beautiful thing. Ashley Marie is one mother, caught on video by the power of a child’s first touch.

Not only did the baby move, but it clearly perceived the comforting touch of it’s mother. The baby made its presence known by pushing mommy’s stomach like a balloon. To watch the video, click here. Being 33 weeks along in her pregnancy (woah), Ashley won’t have to wait much longer to be able to cradle her baby in her arms.

These two will have a lifetime of love to share together. It already looks like the beginning of a great friendship and a powerful bond.

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