VIDEO: Twins Dance To Their Favorite TV Show Before Bed. Hysterical!

It’s been said that babies are born to dance, and these charming 19-month-old siblings are no exception. Dressed and ready for bed, the twins are mesmerized by a singer on The Lawrence Welk Show and put on an impromptu dance show. Though a train table sits nearby, the twins would much rather watch the lady in the evening gown belting out a song than play with their toys.

One twin spins gracefully in circles while the other claps, seemingly on beat with the music. At the conclusion of the song, the twins break into applause with the audience and throw their hands in the air victoriously; they seem quite proud of their own performance!

Though The Lawrence Welk Show, a musical variety program that was on the air for over 30 years, ended its run in 1982, new viewers like these adorable twins can catch repeat episodes on local PBS stations. It’s a good thing, too: studies have shown that dancing to music gives babies a boost of happiness. There’s even more good news for the dancing twins; in addition to making them happier, dancing to their favorite tunes on The Lawrence Welk Show might provide them with a “dance buzz”. This is because the body’s system for balance and movement is stimulated through dance, which results in a calming effect.

So, parents of toddlers, take notes from the twins: tune in to PBS, turn up The Lawrence Welk Show, and let your toddler show you his best moves!

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