VIDEO: Trump Shamelessly Mocked Disabled People, So Disabled People Mock Trump Back

Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter during a recent campaign event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He made fun of Serge Kovaleski, who is a New York Times investigative journalist. Serge is not the first reporter who has been mocked by Donald Trump.

Trump mocked Charles Krauthammer, who is a conservative columnist. Charles is bound to a wheelchair because he is paralyzed from the waist down. Trump referred to Charles as “a gun who can’t buy a pair of pants.”

Trump was trying to imply that Charles could not add anything of value to the political conservation because of his physical disability. Disabled people have responded to Trump’s insults by making a video mocking him. They did not make fun of his physical appearance, but they made fun of Trump’s ego, and his lack of morals. They also made fun of Trump’s financial, business management and political records.

The video has become very popular on social media. It has been shared over 27,000 times on Facebook. Many people were very offended when Donald Trump made fun of people who have disabilities. They also found the video to be very amusing because the people were showing Donald Trump what it is like to be mocked.

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