VIDEO: Truck Driver Purposely Crashes Into The White Car For A Very Heroic Reason

Through his heroic actions, a dad in West Valley City, Utah, saved the day. Usually hitting another car would get drivers in trouble with the police, but this man actually helped the local police by intentionally crashing into another vehicle.

It all started when a car drove through a local park in a high-speed car chase. The park was filled with people, including the dad and his family. When he saw the car coming back towards the park, he took immediate action, getting in his truck and intentionally hitting the car. This allowed police to catch the driver from the car chase.

When the two owners of West Valley Collision Repair heard about the dad’s heroic actions on the news, they wanted to get involved. The two brothers who own the shop, a family-owned business that has been around for 30 years, thought about what would happen if their own children were at the park.

They sent a rental car and tow truck to the man’s home and agreed to make all necessary repairs to his vehicle for free. It all didn’t stop there. A number of local business owners heard about what the two brothers were doing, and they wanted to get involved too. They donated $15,000 worth of parts to give the dad’s vehicle a whole new upgrade. Now the truck has a new bump, hooks in the front and LED lights.

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