VIDEO: Toddler Makes Hilarious Excuse For Drawing On Mom’s Mirror

Growing up is a process of discovery for children. A child knows very little about the world during the first several years of life. Trying to make sense of the world is hindered in some ways by the slow development of the brain during that period. This often leads children to start exploring in very unusual and sometimes comical ways. Kids have to experiment and test boundaries. Many children emulate the people around them such as parents and siblings in an attempt to fit in or understand something new. Growing up and slowly developing a mastery of the world and personal abilities is something that everyone goes through at a young age.

Parents are given the task of raising children who are just starting to explore the world. Parents need to have an infinite amount of patience and a real love of children. This is because kids can be completely unpredictable in the home. Parents need to allow a child to really experience and find the world while also preventing injuries. Discipline sometimes has to be used in order to make it clear that certain behaviors are not acceptable. This can result in some interesting situations especially when children decide to rebel or have no idea what is happening.

The issue is that children are often too young to understand many of the social norms adults deal with every day. Kids have not been exposed to many people or the larger society. There is a fundamental lack of knowledge about how the world works and what certain actions actually mean. Kids are usually also still attempting to understand that other people have complex brains working all the time as well. That slight lack of awareness is why awkward or embarrassing situations can occur when children decide to start following rules or doing things that are blatantly wrong to any adult outside observer.

A woman named Laura Hopkins is living in Inverness, Scotland at the moment. She has a young son in the home with her. The boy is growing up fast although he still has a large amount to learn. His mother has learned to cope with many of his actions and behaviors. Laura had allowed her son to go around the home playing while she took care of other important tasks. She was surprised when she walked into her bedroom and saw the boy standing beside a tall mirror that was larger than his whole body.

Her son had a guilty look on his face when his mother entered the room. She took out her cell phone right away and started recording the scene. It appeared that the mirror was covered in something strange. It looked like her son had grabbed a tube of her lipstick and started drawing funny shapes all over the mirror. The boy eventually took a step forward as his mother asked what he was doing. Her son was trying to distance himself from the mirror. He hesitated to answer at first.

Laura’s son eventually looked at the mirror and claimed that “Batman” did it. Not everyone who sees the video agrees. Some people claim the boy actually said “a bad man” did the drawing. The boy was attempting to get out of the situation despite being the only person who could or would have drawn on the mirror with lipstick. His mother had a sense of humor about it and asked him to confirm what he said. The boy did and stated that he had no idea what happened in the bedroom. The 14 second video of the boy’s denial went viral online very quickly and gained over a half million views in just a few days.

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