VIDEO: This U.S. Born Teen Has No Way To Prove She’s A Citizen. When You Find Out Why? WOW

Alecia Faith Pennington is a 19-year-old girl who is facing a unique predicament- she has no proof of who she is. Alecia was raised by fundamental Christian parents who sheltered her throughout her life. Now, due to her being sheltered, Alecia has no government documents or proof of who she is.

Alecia’s predicament came to light when she posted a YouTube video about it. In the video she describes how her parents left no evidence of her existing that will help her get identification or prove that she is a citizen of the United States.

Alecia’s parents had her birthed at home, declined getting her a social security number, home schooled her, and never once brought her to the doctor’s or a hospital. To receive identification from any government agency you must first be able to prove who you are, which she cannot do.

Without any documentation of who she is Alecia will be unable to go to college, get a driver’s license, get on a plane, or even get a bank account. Alecia has since moved out of her parent’s home saying how she could not handle their lifestyle. Alecia is now turning to Facebook and Twitter to help to become documented.

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