VIDEO: This Toddler Gets Revenge On His Terrible Teacher! THIS IS TOO FUNNY!

When children don’t like their teacher in school, they might be willing to do anything to get revenge for an act that’s terrible. One teacher wanted to work at a college, but instead, she found that the only job she could find was working in kindergarten.

Since she didn’t really want to work with younger children, she showed her displeasure by not being patient with their needs. The students thought that she was rather cranky, and her nickname was similar to these feelings.

She found a book to read to the class that the students really didn’t understand. One of the words that she came across was definitely. Some of the children weren’t sure what the word meant, so the teacher tried to tell them.

Then, she wanted the kids to use the word in a sentence. Some of the sentences were very good, but the teacher had something to contradict the statements of her students to make them feel like they were only half right.

One young boy asked a question about farts and lumps. The teacher said that the question wasn’t something to ask, but that farts don’t have lumps. Using the word definitely in a sentence, the boy explained to his teacher that he pooped in his pants.

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