VIDEO: This Toddler Does Something During It’s Nap That HaS Everyone Baffled!

As human beings, many of us have strange and unusual habits that perhaps we don’t even notice that we have. Who knows where we get them from, but they seem to develop at a very young age.

Some of these habits are annoying, some are gross, and some are just down right adorable. Like the pre-nap preparations of this particular baby, and mom luckily caught it all on tape.

There is nothing more adorable than a sleeping child, except perhaps what they do to get themselves to sleep. Many are attached to a stuffed animal or blanket, while others have strange quirks like rubbing their fingers together or playing with their hair. But this little baby needs none of these things and is able to lull himself to sleep by the sound of his own little angelic voice.

It is nap-time and this baby is strapped contently in the stroller. Eyes closed and ready to nap, this baby starts cooing to himself. Small distinguishable sounds that resemble “da da da da da” are heard coming from the babe. This is followed by a long monotone of “aaaaaaa”. Eyes still closed, the cooing gets less and less, quieter and quieter, then silence.

It appears like he has gone to sleep. Wait, no not quite yet. Another round of “da da da da da” and some monotone “aaaaaaaa” cooing. Perhaps this is the round that will put him to sleep. What an adorable way for a baby to get himself to sleep.

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