VIDEO: This Simple Trick Will Make Sure Your Avocados Fresh Longer Than You Thought Possible

Keeping an avocado fresh may seem like an impossible task but there actually are methods that can be used to keep them from browning and becoming inedible while stored in the fridge, at lest for a few days.

Let’s go over some tricks that will keep your avocados fresh and how effective they are. Onion Methods This methods is one of hte most effective and easiest to do. Just take an onion, slice it up, put the piece in a small plastic tub, place your avocado on top of it, and seal it. This can also be used for guacamole.

Lemon Juice This method is easy, just sprinkle lemon juice onto the exposed fruit of your avocado. The down side is that it can affect the flavor. This can be used with guacamole as well. Plastic Baggie Probably the easiest method, place the avocado into a plastic baggie and suck out all the air to help prevent oxidation. Not quite as effective as the first two methods. Olive Oil Same as the lemon juice method only you use olive oil instead.

Slightly less effective and can leave your guacamole with an oily texture.

Water This method is easy yet has some major drawbacks. Not only is it mostly ineffective it can also make the texture of your avocado slimy and squishy. Bonus Tip Remember, when saving a sliced avocado keep the pit in the half you want to save as it helps to prevent oxidation. You can also put the pit in with the leftover guacamole to help keep it fresh too.

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