VIDEO: This School Did WHAT To This Blind Student?! They Replaced his Cane With This

The new age of schools is here. There is something to be said about staff who will replace the cane of a blind child with a pool noodle.

This could have been done out of fear that someone would use the cane as a weapon, but it is something that might be seen across the country in the future. A child might be able to play with a pool noodle, but it would be very hard to use it every day at school in order to get from one class to another.

The decision could also be because there have been major cuts in the budgets of some schools. However, if the child brings the cane from home, then this shouldn’t make a difference.

The child who had the cane removed didn’t have eyes when he was born, and the only way that he has been able to see is by using his cane. The bus driver is the one who thought that someone might get hurt because the driver saw the cane raised in the air.

There are officials who are saying that the cane is the property of the school, and there are others who are saying the cane is the child’s. There is still an investigation into what is going on with the cane and if there will be other instances like this.

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