VIDEO: This Recipe Looks Like A Giant Mess, But Once It’s Done Cooking My Stomach Is Growling

Tasty chicken tenders are a delight to people of all ages. Youngsters love to bite into a crispy tender. Adults love to nosh on succulent chicken with just the right amount of spices and seasonings with a delectable crunchy coating. Divas Can Cook, culinary queen adds a new level of taste sensation taking the chicken tender experience to a higher level of taste bud delights.

Drum roll please. The secret ingredient is bacon. Bacon that beloved cured meat that can add deliciousness to so many dishes. By using hickory smoked bacon, these chicken tenders have a flavor that warrants sharing with your family and friends. Bring these out at your next Superbowl party, holiday affair or simple, small gathering and you will be sure to experience the oohs and ahhs of this easy chicken delight.

As you prepare your chicken dish, preheat your oven to 350. First, coat your chicken with your favorite spices. This culinary queen adds cumin, garlic salt, and a sprinkling of black pepper. Be generous with seasonings.Wrap the meat in two slices of bacon.One piece goes around the top of the chicken and the second piece goes around the bottom of the chicken.

This revs up the flavor even more. The key is to ensure that the bacon stays in place. A toothpick can help that step happen successfully or try to tuck the bacon under some of the folds that are made by wrapping it. For a taste that boasts sweet and spicy to a new level this Divas Can Cook queen suggests adding brown sugar and chili powder. Don’t worry about adding too much seasonings. Brown sugar and chili powder compliment each other so much that it is a combination that should not be used sparingly.

Place the chicken tenders on a broiling pan and bake at 350. This dish takes about twenty five minutes to cook through. Enjoy!

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