VIDEO: This Mom Turned Completely Pale When Her Baby Revealed THIS Secret

Imagine a little girl asking her mother about her great-grandmother, her mother’s grandmother. And then imagine the little girl saying that the grandmother is there with them, now. Then imagine the shocking moment when the girl calls her mother by a nickname that her great-grandmother called her when she was young, a nickname that the little girl had never heard and had no way to know.

This moment can be seen on the video at run time 3:20.

This is when the girl utters the name that her Mother’s grandmother used to call her mother, a name that the little girl’s mother had never told her. This is a chilling and inexplainable moment, and the mother’s shock can be plainly seen on her face.

Is it possible that this experience was staged for the camera, or do you think this could this be a real experience? It is common to hear of such things happening but rare to find it filmed.

Many of us may have had these experiences in our own lives. Have you ever had such an experience? What do you think of this video, do you think it is possible it happened exactly as it is shown in the video?

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