VIDEO: This Mom Decided To Film Her Two Shy Children. Seconds Later? I Was In Shock

What may begin to look like a normal bond between a young brother and a young sister, this video is a lot more touching and heartwarming. A mother started filming her two school aged children Nathan and Eva Leach.

The two may look to be shy and quiet at first. Nathan has been randomly uploading his music cover videos for the past few years. Just recently Nathan uploaded a video to the internet of him singing at home with his sister in the kitchen, and it has gained much attention from the internet. In this video Nathan is seen with his guitar and Eva with her harmonica.

The two have a lot of bold confidence when they sing together. The family is known as Singing Family Of The Year with the hit song “Hero”. People across the nation are applauding this family’s unbelievable singing talent. Nathan and Eva combined their voices in amazing polyphony. Nathan and Eva’s presentation is so terrific, that is has people across the internet blown away.

Not everyday are videos seen on the internet of siblings having such a great bond through singing with such breathtaking voices. The power of the internet has spread this music video across the world.

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