VIDEO: This Might Look Like A Christmas Tree, But Wait Until You See What It’s Really Made Of

The city of Nanjing in China hosted the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics. It is one of the biggest sports competitions in the world after the Olympic Games. During the 12-day event, 3,600 athletes from 201 different countries participated in various athletic events.

Anyone that follows international sports competitions knows that if the Chinese are good at one thing, it’s the spectacular and awe-inspiring opening and closing ceremonies that they can put together. As one might have expected, the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics weren’t an exception to this long standing tradition in China.

The display opened up with several hundred acrobats and dancers gathering in the center of the stadium. Following this, we see a group of acrobats climbing invisible wires and being thrust into the air. They proceed to do some incredible stunts above the stage that many spectators have described as being absolutely breathtaking. One of the finest moments is when they all get together to form a human Christmas tree that includes all the right colors and shape.

While this would have made a great show to watch in itself, it was far from being over. The dancers found on the ground make various motions with lighting and visual effects that leave the crowd mesmerized. A video of the event has been uploaded online and shared thousands of times on social media. Many commentators found the whole thing stunning and applauded the talent and skill of those on stage.

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