VIDEO: This Might Be One Of The Greatest Invention In A Long Time. Watch The Honey Flow Out

A lot of people love honey. It is often used in people’s drinks, to spread on bread, or as part of different sweet treats. However, most people who keep honey around the house keep it in a jar.

This story is very different in the way the honey is stored and kept. It is really quite impressive, although many people would be hesitant to do this in the vicinity of their own homes.

Using Flow, which is an invention that is otherwise known as the “beekeeper’s dream,” a person can basically get honey on tap. The device that makes the honey available to whoever wants it is actually connected to a swarm of bees who are working to produce the honey.

Normally, a beekeeper would have to spend several hours extracting honey from beehives, and this is a risky process too, as it is easy to get hurt when there are that many bees flying around. However, this system makes it so that the bees are not disturbed, and the honey is easily extracted into a container that people can just use as a regular honey dispenser. You can literally turn on the tap and have a steady supply of honey flow out for whatever purpose you would like to use it.

This contraption is very easy to use, and it is quite remarkable how it works so efficiently. It uses tubes and a simple apparatus in order to get the honey from the bees to the people using it.

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