VIDEO: This Might Be An Amazing Place Now, But Its Past Will Haunt You

Rummu was once a prison in Estonia, but today it has turned into something completely new and beautiful. In the years past this beach site was a prison full of horrible events and crimials of the law, but today it has been transformed into a tourist attraction.

This area is not just a beach site where you can enjoy the sun and water, but it offers a lot more than just your normal morning swim. You can’t help but look around you at all of the natural beauty that this site has to offer. There are dunes that can be climbed and walked upon.

You can see for miles over the land and across the see. The trails can be walked for miles so you are guaranteed to catch many new sights along the way. The hills line the beach line and are a beautiful boundary for a beautiful ocean. When you are not walking the hills surrounding the ocean, you can enjoy the beach line and the water.

Where the prison once stood, there is now only the last standing remains. These remains have been deemed as climbable and incredibly interesting to investigate for yourself. These remains are within the water, so many people have found them a fun source of cliff jumping. There are 2-3 structures within the water that are an interesting adventure in themselves.

Although the prison itself is gone, the history and excitement of this place is most certainly not. Once imprisonment is now beauty.

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