VIDEO: This Massive Bear Stumbles Upon A Swimming Pool. How He Reacts Is Too Funny!

Not in My Swimming Pool

When I first saw this video, I thought it was someone’s backyard swimming pool. I was imagining, what would happen if someone was swimming in there, and the bear decided it was time for his swim? To my relief I learned that this swimming pool is at Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida, and not in someone’s back yard.

Bruiser the Bear is a Happy Bear

Of course animals can’t tell us what they are feeling, but I would say that Bruiser, that is the bear’s name, is pretty darn happy at that moment. He is most likely happy most of the time because at Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary, where he lives, they have a wide variety of exotic animals. They have lions, tigers and bears, oh my.

Sorry, I got a little carried away there. They do have lions, tigers and bears, but they also have reptiles, primates and panthers. Their mission is to provide both the physical and psychological needs of the animals. Judging from this video of Bruiser and the pictures on their website, they are fulfilling their mission.

My Bucket List

I am now adding a visit to Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary to my bucket list and removing photographer to swimming bears from my list of possible occupations.

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