VIDEO: This Man Trains His Dogs To Do Unimaginable Things! How Amazing Is This?

Augusto Deoliveira is a 23 year old man who has been yielded as a “dog whisperer”. The best part about his talent is that he can “whisper” to packs of dogs at once. He grew up with dogs in Brazil and has always had an adoration for them. It was from his hometown that he realized he had a special connections with dogs.

He is able to get along with them to the point that he can train them to do what he wants, such as walking obediently behind him without a leash. So much that he runs his firm Griffin Shepherd Kennels. It seems his speciality dog breed are Golden Shepherds, but he is able to tame and train any dog, big or small.

He claims that he can even train up to 15 dogs all at once, despite their size. Deoliveira currently lives in Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA. However, any town that he walks into, he is able to use his special ability with the dogs around him, leaving everyone mesmerized. Sometimes for fun, Augusto Deoliveira will go into towns and use his special ability to make many dogs follow him obediently.

Because they love him so much, no dog is harmed and the scene makes everyones day. It is clear that dogs love something about him and that they are a huge part of his life. Most people can not control their dog enough to go on a simple walk while this man is able to make a group follow him without leashes.

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