VIDEO: This Man Is Described As Dead. But The Second They Do THIS To Him, WOW!

When someone is in a nursing home, it is often the final resting place until they pass away. This man had been in a nursing home for some time, and he became unresponsive. Nurses examined him, and they believed he was not alive. This man had been in the nursing home for about a decade. His family had to watch as he slowly lost his memory. That’s when staff members in the nursing home decided to try something different.

Music has been something that brings joy to many people. It can also bring back memories of special times. The neurologist who visits the nursing home started playing music during the sessions with the man.

Headphones were placed over his ears, and as soon as the music is played, the man who nurses claimed was unalive had a brightness in his eyes that no one had seen in years.

He talks about the music that he has to listen to, and his family is able to talk to him after the headphones are removed. There is something about the music that is played that sparks a time in the life of the man when he was happy. In turn, it is a way for his family to have a little more time with their loved one.

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