VIDEO: This Little Boy Finds Out He’ll Soon Be A Big Brother – And His Reaction? Priceless!

When a mother informs her children that they will soon have a little sibiling, some children don’t take the news very well at all. But some kids just REALLY want a little brother or sister. Here was one of them:

When Sarah Bromby told her son that she was pregnant with another child, her son’s reactoin was priceless. The little boy is five, and promptly decided he wanted a little sister. But when he finds out that he it’s not really his choice whether it is a boy or a girl, he gets a little upset but he gets over it pretty quick.

The boy repeatedly asks his mother if she was really going to have a baby and if he is really going to be a big brother. When she shows him the ultrasound picture to prove the baby exists, he starts waving his hands around, excited that he really is going to be a big brother.

The video the mother took of his reaction has spread like wildfire over Facebook. The little boy is internet celebrity, and we are all waiting eagerly to see: will he actually like his new little sister as much as he thinks he will?

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