VIDEO: This Is What Happens When Your Baby Sister Tries To Wake You Up. OMG TOO FUNNY

It was an average day for little Remi. Remi had some exploring to do. She makes her way through her home and finds her way to the family room. Three year old Drew thought it was safe to fall fast asleep on the living room couch. Drew was so wrong.

Baby sister Remi soon notices her big brother is sleeping soundly. Remi looks to her mommy for advice on what to do about her sleeping brother. The mischievous little sister and mommy team decide to interrupt Drew’s nap.

Little 8 month old Remi is hesitant at first, but with a little reassurance from mommy, she continues on too complete her mission. After voicing her desire for her big brother to wake up (in baby talk), and a little bit of gentle nudging, Andrew awakens.

One would expect three year old Drew to be quite upset after being awakened. To everyones surprise Drew wakes up a little dazed, but calm. He sees that it is his baby sister who has awakened him and he greets her with a kiss. The love Andrew. Shows to his sister is so sweet that it will melt your heart. This is such a heartwarming moment that is sure to embarrass both sweethearts when they grow older.

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