VIDEO: This Is What Happens When You Massage This Exact Point On Your Ear…

Dr. Mark Sandomirsky is receiving a lot of positive attention in the medical world. He is known for recommending an unconventional method of alleviating stress. It is a very simple method that has been proven to be quite effective. There are many reasons that people experience stress.

Some people are stressed due to problems at work and home. Others are stressed due to financial problems. Regardless of what causes the stress, it has to be kept under control. Stress can cause physical pain in the body. It can also cause physical pain. The ear has an acupressure point that can help alleviate stress. The Chinese refer to this point as the Shen Men, which means the gate of heaven.

They believe that applying pressure to this point on the body can bring healing. It can help alleviate stress and boost energy. Applying pressure to the Shen Men may also help alleviate inflammation.

Dr. Sandomirksy recommends using a Q tip to massage the area. He recommends that you breathe deeply while you do it and listen to your body. Dr. Sandomirksy says that you should look left when you inhale, and you will need to look right when you exhale. He says that this trick will instantly calm your body.

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