VIDEO: This Is Adorable. This Dog Meets Her Baby Sister For The First Time. AWW!

The video is so sweet and shows the bond and connection that humans have with their pets, even at the youngest of ages. Starting out, you see the camera panned on the baby, so peacefully sleeping.

The baby looks to be a newborn. Next, the camera shifts to under the crib. There we find this sweet puppy just laying under there like he is either scared or trying to protect the new child from any and all danger. Dogs are such loyal creatures, that they would go to great lengths to protect those that they love.

This dog does not know that he loved this new child, but for some reason he knew it was special. Once the dog comes out from under the bed and actually looks at the new baby, it looks confused. He is not quite sure exactly what to think of the baby yet.

This new thing is just laying there. Once the dog starts whining, the baby hears and immediately responds but sending out a few short cries. At one point we hear both the baby and dog crying and whining. This would be their first conversation and their first interaction.

The dog knows that this new baby is part of the family that he is in, so he shows interest and feels the need to protect. At first, we can see confusion on the dog’s face when he is laying under the crib, but towards the end that confusion turns into interest and love.

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