VIDEO: This Horse Was About To Die, Then This Happened. I’m So THANKFUL!

Benny is one miracle horse! When 4 year old Benny first arrived at Last Stop Horse Rescue, he weighed in at a devastating 562 pounds. The emaciated horse had been neglected, left to starve to death, when he was luckily rescued by the kind members of Last Stop Horse Rescue.

The rescuers took him in, hopeful for his recovery but prepared for the worst. Lo and behold, the amazing horse not only recovered, Benny began to thrive. After 6 short months of constant love, care, and regular healthy feeding, Benny not only beat the odds by surviving his cruel lot in life, he found a whole new lease on life and became a hero of sorts to many people inspired by his story.

His journey is not an easy one- since the day he was brought into the rescue organization, he needed constant care and monitoring. But his determination and sweet spirit won over, resulting in an amazing recovery that even his rescuers were astounded by.

Call him one lucky horse- Benny is now thriving and continuing to regain his strength. A person could almost never tell he was the thin and near-death horse just a mere 6 months ago!

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