VIDEO: This Fire Truck Barrels Through 11 Feet Of Water To Save Lives. Talk About Heros!

Every kid loves seeing a firetruck. Firetrucks are big, loud, and get to do exciting things. A firetruck is sometimes the only inspiration some children need to decide to become a fireman. However, adults have seen firetrucks too many times in their lives. This means that some of their initial excitement and magic is lost. If this is the case for you, don’t worry! A recent video of a firetruck on the internet is making everyone excited to see firetrucks again.

It starts with the sound of a firetruck in the distance. You can see the road that the firetruck will use. It is covered with eleven feet of dirty water. You would expect the firetruck to stop and find a way around the watery obstacle. However, nothing can stop a firetruck!

The firetruck rolls right into the water! Slowly, the firetruck continues along the road almost entirely covered in water. Some of the firemen inside even poke their heads out of the vehicle to breathe! The firetruck looks like an incredible truck and boat hybrid! Eventually, the firetruck picks up a small amount of speed and begins to rise slowly out of the water. People gasp and cheer with their cell phones over what they just saw.

Perhaps the greatest part of the video is when the firetruck rolls away after exiting the water. Water can be seen pouring out of all the firetruck doors. You can tell the driver must have been steering the truck up to his neck in the stuff. Check it out below!

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