VIDEO: This Dog Was Lost For 10 Days. When He Came Home, The Cat Did THIS. OMG! SO AMAZING

When an animal lives with another for a long period of time and finds that the other animal is gone, there is a chance that all is forgotten. This woman has a cat that waited for 10 days for the dog of the home to come home, and when the dog walked inside the house, the cat did something surprising.

Most people probably think that cats and dogs don’t get along, but when they live together under the same roof, they usually don’t have a choice but to get along. Some of them become best friends as they keep each other company.

Dogs often greet their owners when they walk through the door while a cat will usually sit in a chair until someone pays some attention. This dog was gone for over a week before it came back. You might not think that the cat would care and would maybe enjoy being the only animal in the home, but the cat did something sweet.

The cat jumped around the neck of the dog, appearing to give the dog a hug. The dog just stands there, letting the cat love on him repeatedly until the dog finally walks away from the cat.

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