VIDEO: This Dog Refuses To Use The Front Door. I Died Laughing When I Found Out Why!

No two pets are alike, one of the many benefits you receive from owning a pet, is a unique personality that makes that animal an individual in their own right.

This is something that every dog owner can attest to, regardless of how many dogs they may have had in the past. They can all agree that each dog has their own sets of habits that are different from one another. In fact, they are so different, that many owners will tell you that they can tell you which dog is which, even if they may look identical physically, simply based on their behavioral patterns.

This evidently appears to be the case for Isabelle, a wonderfully adorable yellow Labrador Retriever who hasn’t caught on to the trick pertaining to her owner’s front door, as of yet at least. Like many loyal and obedient dogs, she refuses to break the rules that her owners set in place, such as going outside.

Even though she can use her paw and nose at the door, assumingly since this leaves for a disgruntled owner, she decides to wait for the OK instead and will wait for her owner to open the door for her. Unbeknownst to her though, there is no screen or glass in the door frame, but alas, she continues to obey the rules even as she waits for the owner to open the door for her, who walks right through the door frame and open it so that she could go outside.

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