VIDEO:: This Dog Really Wants A Belly Rub, But When You See How He Asks, You’ll Die Laughing!

Dog Begs for Belly Rubs from Owner in CUTEST Way

This could be the most adorable thing you watch on the Internet today. We all know cats have some cute ways of begging for attention, this but Cockapoo takes it to a whole new level!

This adorable dog wants nothing more than a belly rub from its owner. However, the Cockapoo’s owner doesn’t notice the puppy’s wish at all. So, puppy does the only thing that seems fit for the current situation: she starts to adorably beg mom for some attention. Now, we all know that animals are pretty good at begging for attention.

They are cute and good at getting what they want. This cockapoo is no exception. She begins batting her puppy dog eyes and putting on the biggest show that mom has ever seen from her sweet pup. Finally, the family take notice to the dog’s efforts and immediately begin swooning over just how adorable this puppy’s behavior is.

The family say “Aww!” before giving the puppy the attention that she has been craving. After the petting is done, the puppy may just continue to beg for more.

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