VIDEO: This Dog Has An Insane Reaction To Finding Out It’s Medicine Time

A recent video on the San Francisco Globe’s website shows the depth of the love we have for man’s best friend.

A video posted today depicts a dog owner telling his older dog that it’s time for her ear medicine. The dog immediately responds with what can only be described as a grimace.

“I know you don’t like to take your ear medicine, but we’ve got to do it,” the owner says from behind the camera. “Come here.”

As the owner continues to encourage her, the pup slowly moves toward the camera–and the menacing squirt bottle with the promised medicine that is visible in the foreground. Even as she reluctantly edges closer to her owner, she continues to grimace; her teeth are bared and she snorts repeatedly. But the whole time, she is simultaneously wagging her tail.

The dog appears to be calming down at the end of the 37-second video, and the owner’s approach to the situation demonstrates that this is a daily ritual for the two. The video shows one of the unpleasant–but humorous–moments in the life of a person who loves their animal companion. It also shows the patience and trust of a dog toward her human.

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