VIDEO: This Curious Cat Sneaks Up To The Printer. What Happens Next? I Am Dying!

The reactions of cats have long been a trademark of online videos, with one of the more recent focusing on one’s curiosity over the sounds coming from a fax machine/printer.

The short video (71 seconds) begins with the cat’s owner punching in the necessary numbers to print a piece of paper. This is taking place as the cat is perched nearby, apparently transfixed by what’s taking place.

Once the process officially begins, the noise of the paper going through the machine results in the cat backing up in confusion. The subsequent sounds of printing taking place causes the cat to noticeably twitch with concern, which given the rapid sounds that are approximately a second apart, shows the animal twitching almost in sync with each noise.

The cat quickly begins clawing at what appears to be an unwrapped cord of some sort, but when the printing stops at around the 50-second mark, the cat again shows confusion. Finally, the cat slowly walks to the nearby table where he sits and warily watches the machine that’s stopped making any further noise.

The cat had previously been declawed, since his clawing motions result in no damage to the table holding the printer, phone and computer.

The video has been viewed more than 20,000 times since first being posted on May 5 by the You Tube channel known as Amazing Nature, with just one person commenting twice while offering just one comment, “Funny kitty.” Amazing Nature has posted more than 60 videos.

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