VIDEO: This Cracks Me Up. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves. I’m Dying!

Jimmy Kimmel hit a gold mine when he introduced his Mean Tweets segment in 2012, and the gold keeps coming with each new installment. The 9th Mean Tweets installment debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on December 16, and it featured some of today’s biggest stars reading terrible tweets about themselves.

The participants include Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Sean Penn, Elizabeth Banks, Jordana Brewster, Kirsten Dunst, Key and Peele, Colin Farrell, Viola Davis, Matthew Perry, and Sarah Paulson. The Best Tweets As always, Jimmy Kimmel’s team managed to deliver some amazing tweets, but some stand out among others. These tweets got the best reactions of the evening. Kirstin Dunst received one of the biggest burns in the segment. Her tweet compared her teeth to Tic Tacs throwing gang signs. Dunst took it in stride, laughing the insult off for the cameras.

Jordana Brewster also received a serious burn, but instead of focusing on her looks, the tweeter went after her acting skills, stating that she is “the next Meryl Streep. If Meryl Streep was the worst actress in the world.” She also took it in stride. Most of the actors and actresses laughed the burns off, but it did seem to get under the skin of a couple of celebrities. Mathew Perry seemed taken aback by a tweet that read, “I have ‘Matthew Perry Syndrome’-I’m a sarcastic loser with a giant head.” He asked the camera what is wrong with his head and seemed genuinely perplexed by the insult.

Another tweeter called out Sarah Paulson for being annoying and she fought back, looking right in the camera and saying “bite me.” As always, this segment reminded viewers that celebrities are human, and mean tweets really do hurt…or at least get a good laugh.

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