VIDEO: This Camper Looks Small, But When She Yanks On The Handle It? I Need One!

There are large homes that seem to be overflowing with furniture and possessions while some of the smaller homes have plenty of space available.

This woman has a camper that looks like it wouldn’t be able to hold anything inside, but when she pulls the handle to open it, the camper reveals something amazing.

The camper is somewhat compact. It’s not something that would be ideal for a family, but if it’s only one or two people, it would be perfect. This is a retro camper, and it was developed by a company in Australia. There is a television, refrigerator and sink. Some of them even have a shower.

There isn’t much electricity needed as there are solar panels on the top of the camper. It gives a way for people to have something to take on a camping trip or to keep in the back yard for a space to get away from the house without spending a lot of money.

When the woman pulls on the back handle to the camper, it opens to reveal a cooler and plenty of cabinet space for a few dishes. As the front opens, a small bed is revealed with a skylight on top of the camper.

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