VIDEO: This Camera Captured A Simple Act Of Kindness. This Is Proof There Is Hope In The World!

Directors Eun Ho Lee, Chad Brownstein, and Tim Savage collaborated to bring video of random acts of kindness to the dreary landscape of the internet. Each expression was small, something that each one of us could easily manage on our own, and there was a direct display of how appreciative the recipients were.

The project began with Brownstein conducting interviews with people to find out what their favorite acts of kindness were. The kind of joy that simple selflessness can bring inspired the team to share examples of the impact a simple task can have.

The first scene shows a young boy standing to let a woman struggling to hold all of her possessions on the bus. Next, we see a gentleman footing the bill for what seems to be a single mom and her new born baby.

There is also a couple having a picnic that sacrifice a part of their meal. This amount may seem small to them, but this means the world to what we assume is a homeless man that might not have had a meal in days. We’re then taken to a parking where a mom struggling with the kids in the back seat is offered a parking space by a man who was waiting there first.

Finally, a woman receives an unexpected gift in the mail. I card that encourages her to trust in God and some money to get her through, concluding the inspirational experience.

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