VIDEO: This Cake Looked Like A Giant Screw Up In The Beginning But By The End? NO FRIGGIN WAY!

Sometimes, the most beautiful works of art don’t quite start out that way! In a video posted to YouTube, one baker shows that the most beautiful cake takes plenty of time and patience, but is completely worth it in the end.

This amazing video walks viewers through how to make a beautiful long cake that, when cut, reveals a heart shape in the middle. The baker first cooks a messy-looking marble cake and then, using cookie cutters, inserts it into a plain vanilla cake. The cake is adorned with a multicolored fondant to add to its beautiful appearance. The end result looks incredibly complicated and fascinating, despite the relatively simple steps that led to its creation.

Tie-dyed cakes and fudges are becoming more and more popular on YouTube. Previously, the average novice baker probably thought that this was way too complicated to attempt at home. However, these tutorials make the whole process incredibly simple to understand and execute. You might mess up your first few tries, but it can certainly be mastered with practice.

With YouTube baking tutorials becoming more and more cutting-edge, it’s exciting to think about what might be coming round the pike. For now, this gorgeous multicolored heart cake is the latest craze in DIY baking.

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