VIDEO: This Boy Halts Dozens In Their Tracks… Now Watch This Girl Sneak Up Behind HIM!! Haha!

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2011 in Australia, many of the commuters at the Central Railway Station stopped what they were doing to watch a group of Irish dancers in Sydney perform in the middle of the station.

The event was organized and created by Tourism Ireland as a way of enticing Australians to visit.

The first individual is a boy formally dressed in monochromatic black who begins to dance a jig by himself. Soon after, five other youths (four girls and a boy) join in and are suddenly dancing in synchronized formation.

At that point, even more children come out to begin their Irish dancing, which is then followed by an additional wave that are able to immediately dance in sync with the rest of the group.

After approximately two minutes, a new song is heard over the station’s public address system. That results in a group of formally-dressed adults joining in on the dancing.

After being spread apart at the beginning, the space between each of the four lines of individuals continues to get smaller. This continues for a minute and then abruptly stops.

The crowd within the station then gave the group of more than 100 people hearty applause. While the dancers were performing, many in the crowd could be seen using their phones to record the activity.

The popularity of the video has resulted in more than seven million views for two separate videos of the event.

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