VIDEO: This Baby Monkey Was Scared To Take A Bath. But He’s Finally Calmed Down By Doing THIS

Baby animals are, without a doubt, always adorable. We’ve seen our fair share of puppies and kittens, but now we have a new baby animal to obsess over: monkeys. Until now, baby monkeys have mostly flown under the Internet’s radar. However, a video of a monkey getting a bath has recently gone viral- who wouldn’t want to watch a video of a cute baby monkey under a kitchen faucet?

Most pet owners are familiar with the difficulties of bathing pets. This video shows a baby monkey afraid of taking a bath, proving that monkeys aren’t so different from cats and dogs after all.

The star of the video is Nala, a Black Cap Capuchin. She now lives at an animal shelter, but her previous owner, Jennifer, took this adorable video. Nala clings to a small blue stuffed animal while Jennifer holds her under a faucet, scrubbing and shampooing her fur. Her wide eyes and quiet squeaks add to the video’s cuteness.

While viral videos of cats and dogs are common, videos of baby monkeys are few and far between. It’s wonderful to see a video of this adorable monkey; it reminds us of how adorable and hilarious all animals are.

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