VIDEO This Baby Horse Had Trouble Seeing Over His Stable Door. What They Did? So Awesome!

It can be hard to be shorter than your peers, even if you are not a human being. Pedro is a Shetland pony who is a mere 43 inches tall. He is the latest addition to the Ebony Horse Club of Brixton, South London. Because of his height, he had been having a hard time seeing over his stable door. However, he is now able to see, due to a creative invention called the “Pedroscope.”

A short video has been put together by volunteers and staff at the Ebony Horse Club showing the creation of this device, as well as footage of the pony enjoying it as well as the view he now has over the door.

Pedro is used to introduce young children to horses, and he works with disabled children as well. Since he brings so much joy to these children, it is only fitting that he have the joy that comes with a view of the outside as well.

The “Pedroscope” is not a permanent solution, but it is great for now. The Club is now trying to raise the funds to buy Pedro a door that is more fitting for his size, and they are looking for donations to build a mini stable for him as well. He spends a great deal of his time in the paddock, but a new stable with a shorter door would be great as well, so that he would be able to look out and see his surroundings more often.

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