VIDEO: This Baby Farted, How He Reacted Had Me On The Floor Laughing! HA HA!

Loud noises, sudden disturbances, and quick movements will all get the attention of a baby. It shows the quick reactions of multiple babies within a 2 and a half minute time span of abrupt farting, tooting, and all things flatulence.

The best baby farts are shown, from quick farts to full blown stinkers. This  was found by humorous surprise on youtube. The entertainment lies in the overall reaction of each individual cute baby to the fart. (Though some of those farts are definitely from the parents recording it). Even if the parents are providing the fart sounds, the reactions from the little ones is still classic!

From cries, to pouts, to crazy eyes, these kids provide the laugh factor. Some respond to the act of flatulence with pure horror and fright. Others wiggle and give those big doe eyes to the camera for everyone to love. There is even a couple smiles in there (one with chocolate), after the initial frightened response of course!

This montage of cute babies is perfect for that little piece of laughter to brighten up your day, and it only takes 2 and a half minutes to get your fill of laughter!

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