VIDEO: This Baby Elephant Must Be Confused. He Thinks This Log Is His Sister. HA HA!

Baby animals always make us smile, and this baby elephant is no exception. While the adult elephants at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park grazed in the field, the baby attempted to amuse himself.

The Elephant Nature Park cares for a variety of different animal species and provides them with natural environments to live in.

In this video, the baby elephant tries to amuse himself by throwing some twigs and branches around using his mouth, but eventually that gets boring. Luckily, he stumbles upon a large log that proves to be a great source of entertainment.

He climbs up on the log, and he almost gets stuck on the top, but eventually manages to slide down the other side.

After falling off of the log, the baby elephant stares at it for a moment and then hops back on.

He continues to struggle to hoist himself onto the top of the log for a bit, but then he runs a few feet away from the log and charges at it.

He continues to climb over the log a few times, squealing with delight the entire time. Near the end of the video, he starts to circle the log, staring at it intently. He climbs over it one last time before he decides it is boring and retreats back to the adult elephants.

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