VIDEO: This Adorable Puppy Trying To Howl Is The Cutest Music I’ve Ever Heard. OMG!

Dogs are man’s best friend but they are also adorable little critters that bring joy into the household. This tiny wrinkled little bulldog may be just a few months old but it is starting to howl like an adult dog.

The sound this tiny bulldog produces is the sweetest sound you could hear. He makes his way around his little puppy blanket as he howls for attention. Adorably wrinkled and seeking the attention of his owners, this little bulldog sings away to his little heart’s desire. This little puppy’s howl turns out to be the cutest sound a baby bulldog can produce.

Obviously, this little fellow has not fully developed his vocal chords but this does not stop him from trying to howl. His eagerness to bring joy to those who hear him trying to howl is evident as he moves to and fro trying to howl. He positions himself to howl but the sweet tone of his little vocal chords take over.

Who can wait for this tiny bulldog puppy to grow up and hear him joyfully howl around the house? This tiny bulldog has a lot of growing up to do, but for now, people can enjoy his lull with the adorable howling that sounds like music to your ears. Man’s best friend is surely something special. If you are not a dog person, this video will surely make you want your own little dog. Watch more of these videos where you will see pets doing the most adorable things like this little puppy.

Whoever said bulldogs were scary?

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