VIDEO: This 5-Year Old Boy Takes Over The News With His Big Personality

Anytime a child is lifted into the spotlight, it is likely something cute is set to ensue. This is exactly what happened at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania. Reporter, Sofia Ojeda, was interviewing fair goers about their experiences and she came across a cute boy of five years old…

The boy, red haired and freckled, picked up the microphone and became an immediate sensation. He candidly described his time on a ride and made it clear that this is his “first time on live television.” The child’s name is Noah Ritter and he is highly excited throughout the 90 second interview, and looks like a natural TV personality.

The hilarity  climaxes when young Noah describes what he typically watches on television with his grandfather:

“I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid. And apparently Grandpa gives me the remote and I have to watch the Powerball.”

Noah is set to begin kindergarten in the fall and has hopes of one day becoming a paleontologist. Of course, if he has a change of heart there is no question that he would be terrific on television. But until then, viewers will have the hilarious video of him giving his honest opinions on his time at the Wayne County Fair, his lack of inexperience on live television and watching the news. Check it out!

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